Digital Hearing Aid

At Hearing Rehabilitation Center, we offer the latest in digital hearing aid technology to meet your individualized needs.

Digital hearing aids offer superior technology, especially when compared to the hearing aids your grandma used to wear. No longer will you find bulky, awkward devices that make a high-pitched squeal. Some of most advanced digital hearing aids are so discreet that people may not even realize you’re wearing them.

The features of digital devices that have made a huge difference in performance are:

Which is the best of all hearing aid types?

Digital Noise Reduction

Helps filter annoying background noise, allowing you to hear speech more clearly.

Directional Microphones

Allow you to focus on the sounds you’re facing. That makes it easier to have one-on-one conversations despite distracting noises coming from other directions.

Wireless Technology

Many digital hearing aids are Bluetooth compatible. That means you can connect to other devices wirelessly, for easier listening in noisy environments.

Digital Feedback Reduction

Works to cancel out specific sounds before they can be re-amplified and create feedback.

Customizable Options

Equipped with extraordinary capabilities and are available in many different styles and colors.


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