Hearing Aid Manufacturers

At Hearing Rehabilitation Center, we know that everyone experiences hearing loss differently. Because of that, we provide extensive hearing evaluations and work with you to learn all about you, and your particular needs and challenges. Sometimes, the best solution is to prescribe hearing aids. If we determine that you’re a good candidate for hearing aids, we’ll discuss all the factors involved in selecting the very best hearing aid for you.
Hearing aids from different manufacturers vary greatly in size, style, capabilities, and features.

As an independent practice, we’re able to work with all of the best hearing aid manufacturers in the industry so that we can offer a variety of different hearing aid makes and models and will able to find one to match you, based on:

      • The type and degree of your hearing loss
      • Lifestyle needs
      • Cosmetic concerns
      • Budget restrictions

Hearing Aid Manufacturers we work with include

The Latest Technology

Image of hearing aid in z-power docking station with hearing aid batteries.Hearing aid technology is always changing, so we’re able to meet your changing hearing needs. The latest trends many of the manufacturers that we work with offer include smartphone capabilities and rechargeable options.  Smartphone capabilities offer the user to customize their hearing on an as-needed basis: adjust the setting to a new surrounding, stream music or phone calls into your hearing aid, and more can easily be done on the smartphone app.    Rechargeable hearing aids are also available, give a full day charge after set in the docking station overnight, eliminating the need to regularly change batteries.

Hearing Solutions

Are you looking for comprehensive, individualized solutions for your hearing loss? Look no further than Hearing Rehabilitation Center, providing patients in Commerce, West Bloomfield, Bloomfield Hills, and Farmington Hills with complete, compassionate hearing healthcare and quality hearing aids from top manufacturers since 2003. We’re committed to finding the best solution for your unique needs.