Image of woman having hearing exam.Hearing Rehabilitation Center in Commerce Michigan is hosting an open house on June 26th-28th.  During this special event, Audiologist Dr. Dee Sehgal will be offering free evaluations and consultations.

During this free evaluation, a Video Otoscope will be used to evaluate the cause of hearing difficulties; this painless procedure will help us see to your eardrum.  By doing this, we can discover why you may be experiencing things like:

  • Hearing but not understanding certain words
  • Difficulty understanding conversations in noisy environments
  • Frequently asking others to repeat themselves
  • Having to turn the TV up loud in order to understand what is being said

Additionally, we will go over your medical and hearing history.  This will help determine the cause of the hearing difficulties,  revealing problems such as:

  • Damage to the eardrum
  • Fluid accumulation in the middle ear
  • Other conditions which may make it difficult to hear clearly

Don’t Miss Out!

There is no charge and no obligation for these services during this special event.  However, appointments are limited at our Commerce, Michigan Office, 2900 Union Lake Rd, Suite 100.  Please call and reserve your place today by calling 1-248-360-4327.