Additional Products

In addition to testing services, hearing aid dispensing, and follow-up care the Hearing Rehabilitation Center also offers additional products to improve your quality of life through better hearing, or to help prevent hearing loss with custom-made hearing protection products.

Customized Ear Plugs

Custom Hearing Protection

Noise-induced hearing loss is the number one cause of hearing impairment. Hearing Rehabilitation Center provides custom-made hearing protection to help you in varying situations. If your work or leisure activities expose you to loud sounds, ask us for help in preventing hearing loss.

Custom Ear Buds for Apple iPod

These are used to reduce ambient sound so that you can listen to your favorite tunes at a safer volume.

Custom Swim Plugs

Designed specifically for your ears to prevent water from getting in the inner ear.

Custom Sleep Plugs

These comfortable plugs are designed to reduce bothersome noise for uninterrupted sleep.

Custom Earmold Modifications

We can custom modify your earmolds to boost effectiveness and increase comfort.