Hearing Evaluations

Hearing Assessment

Hearing AssesmentThrough pure tone audiometry, our audiologist will determine the presence or absence of hearing loss. For the first part of this test, you will be subjected to a series of sounds at different pitches and will be asked to acknowledge when you hear the different tones. Bone conduction and air conduction tests are performed to determine which part of your auditory system is responsible for your hearing loss.

Speech Audiometry

SpeechThis tool is used to aid in determining your degree and type of hearing loss and provides information on tolerance of speech and your ability to recognize words. Industrial Audiometric Screening Programs – Required by OSHA at many facilities, these programs are available to help prevent job-related noise-induced hearing loss.

Ototoxic Monitoring via Audiometry

Services-OtotoxicThere are many prescription and over-the-counter medications that can cause hearing damage, these drugs are referred to as ototoxic. Audiometry provides early detection of ototoxicity, which may lead to a reduction in dosage resulting in less auditory damage, minimalizing hearing loss.