What’s That Sound?

Ringing, buzzing, humming or other similar sounds that some patients can hear in their ears is known as tinnitus. It affects nearly 50 million Americans. These sounds are not external and can be disabling to the people who suffer from this condition.

Can it be cured?

While there are many researchers working hard to find a cure, there is no known cure for tinnitus. Even though there is no cure, it does not mean there is no help or no hope!

Ringing in the Ears?

We can help!

Our Doctors of Audiology, have extensive training and years of experience in evaluating and managing tinnitus.  It is our belief that most people with tinnitus have needs that are not being addressed in a proper manner.  We understand that everyone’s symptoms are unique, and every individual reacts to these symptoms in different ways.

At Hearing Rehabilitation Center, we practice flexibility and treat each person and their symptoms individually.  We have the tools to provide the necessary education, counseling, sound/acoustic therapy to each individual. We will monitor and evaluate your progress towards managing your tinnitus.

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