Working in a noisy environment for a majority of his life had strongly affected his ears. Gradually his hearing in his left ear started to fade and then his right followed soon after. Robert said, “I had difficulty hearing in restaurants. However, my big problem was that I couldn’t talk to people. I didn’t join in any family conversations.”

His frustration grew as he tried different types of hearing devices and dealt with different audiologists. The devices were uncomfortable and did not do much to help his hearing. Robert was skeptical of trying new devices and visiting new audiologists.

However, after visiting Hearing Rehabilitation Center to see Dr. Dee Sehgal, his hearing was soon given a jump-start. Dr. Sehgal made Robert feel comfortable immediately and listened carefully to his hearing issues. He asked Robert a series of questions to judge the depth of his hearing loss. Did he find himself having difficulty understanding certain words and conversations? Did he have problems hearing birds or wind? Did he frequently ask “Huh?” or “What?”

When Dr. Sehgal told Robert he was going to fit him with new Oticon hearing instruments, Robert was amazed to discover that he was going to be wearing his new devices that same day! Robert’s new devices have made a huge difference in his life. He declared, “I am very happy. I can hear much better and I can understand people in noisy areas.” Robert feels very lucky to have decided to try Hearing Rehabilitation Center. “My whole experience was just great! Dr. Sehgal is a great guy!” He added, “And I was very comfortable throughout the entire visit.”