For 15 years, Jeannette Landry had been gradually losing her hearing. The former Physical Education teacher had spent 30 years working in a loud gym and also had a genetic hearing loss.

Over 7 years ago, she had tried wearing In-the-Ears digital aids, but she hated them and was apprehensive to try anything else until she visited Hearing Rehabilitation Center and Dr. Dee Sehgal.

“Dr. Sehgal was excellent!” said Jeannette. “He immediately put me at ease and was very competent in handling my hearing issues.”

After performing several hearing evaluations, Dr. Sehgal fitted Jeannette with a brand new Delta by Oticon and she immediately felt and heard the difference!

Jeannette said, “I like the fact that you can hardly see the Delta. I also like how easy to wear it is; I just put them on and go! I don’t even have to remove one when I answer the phone. I am glad I came to Hearing Rehabilitation Center and tried out the Delta.”

Dr. Sehgal told Jeannette that he was going to fit her with the new Oticon Delta and that she would be wearing her devices that day. Jeannette’s new devices have made a huge difference in her life. “I am very happy,” she said. “I can hear much better and I can understand people in noisy areas.” Jeannette feels very lucky to have decided to try the Hearing Rehabilitation Center. “My whole experience was just great! Dr. Sehgal is a great guy!”