Matthew Mann, a former insulation installer, spent much of his time on construction sites making sure the homes and buildings he worked on were safe. Unfortunately, he spent less time concerned with his own hearing safety.
For three years, Matthew had been experiencing hearing problems. His years working in a noisy environment and being an avid concertgoer had finally taken a toll on his ears.

He noticed that he was asking “What?” a lot more and he felt left out of conversations with his family and friends. Matthew was unsure about what he was experiencing and if his hearing would get worse. Fed up and looking for help, he made an appointment at Hearing Rehabilitation Center with Dr. Dee Sehgal.

Dr. Sehgal performed a hearing test and determined that Matthew needed a hearing device. So Matthew was fitted with a hearing instrument. Dr. Sehgal took the time to thoroughly talk with Matthew about safe hearing, especially in the workplace.

Matthew’s new devices have made a huge difference in his life. Matthew said, “Overall, my experience with Dr. Sehgal and Hearing Rehabilitation Center was very good!” Hearing better and actively participating in conversations, Matthew now feels comfortable and confident with his new hearing aids.