Rae Marie Brian was aware that she had a problem hearing, but didn’t think she could fix it. “I felt like I had bubbles in my ears all the time,” said Rae. Seven years ago Rae had surgery on her thyroid to correct her problem, but when it failed to work she gave up.

Eventually, she learned to accept her problem and got by relying on others. “I kept asking people to repeat themselves over and over,” said Rae.

Recently Rae brought her mother in for a hearing test at Hearing Rehabilitation Center with Dr. Dee Sehgal. She watched him test her mother’s hearing and patiently work with her to give her the best hearing possible. Meanwhile, she wondered if there was a chance he could improve her hearing, even if only by a small percent. Finally, Rae asked for help with the problem that had been plaguing her for seven years.

“Dr. Sehgal listened and then offered me a chance to demo a Delta 6000,” Rae explained. “Right away I noticed a difference, the full bubble feeling was gone!”

The change was so great Rae immediately decided to get hearing instruments. Dr. Sehgal performed hearing tests and fitted Rae for her own pair of Delta aids.

Visiting Hearing Rehabilitation Center was a great experience for Rae. Her small question of “Can you help me?” turned out to have a big answer that made her feel and hear better than she had in years.
“Thank you Dr. Sehgal!”