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Complete Hearing Healthcare Program

At Hearing Rehabilitation Center, serving patients in Commerce and Novi, Michigan, our service doesn’t stop when you purchase hearing aids from us. Our Complete Hearing Health Care (CHHC) program provides you with on-going assistance and thorough follow-up care.

Some of the benefits you’ll receive in this program with your qualified purchase:

1. FREE SERVICES- For the Life Of Your Hearing Aid

When your purchase your hearing aids from us, we provide: fittings, programming and follow-up care such as cleaning, checking and any required adjustments.

2. BATTERIES for the first 4 years of your hearing aids

You can stop in to pick them up, or if it is more convenient, we will mail them directly to you. May vary based on insurance.

3. Quarterly cleaning and adjustments of your hearing aids

In addition to teaching you how to care for and maintain your devices, we encourage you to bring them in so that we can clean them, remove any wax build-up and make any necessary adjustments.

4. Yearly audiometric screenings

Hearing changes over time. We will check your hearing annually to see if any further hearing loss has been sustained.

5. Annual hearing aid prescription checks

In addition to audiometric screenings, we will check your hearing aids to make sure that they are working most effectively. If a change in programming is necessary, we will do that as well.

6. Loss and Damage Warrantys

Typically a manufacturer’s warranty will cover loss and damage for the first year, and repairs for two years. Our hearing healthcare professional will discuss warranty options with you at the time of purchase, explaining them in detail so you fully understand all coverage information.